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About Kunwer Rajeev The Memory Trainer

Kunwer Rajeev, Associate Professor in the department of Physics at DAV College, Jalandhar, Punjab got his name entered in Limca Book of Records, 2018 edition for making two records in the field of human memory. The event was organised at DAV college campus in the seminar hall of computer science department few months back and all necessary documents along with videos and pictures were forwarded to the Limca book of records as suggested by them. In the first record, he recalled names of all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India in 7 minutes and 9 seconds. In the second record he broke his own record previously set with India book of records in January 2017. He was able to recall the precise atomic mass of all 118 Periodic Table elements in 4 min 27 seconds. His name has been entered in Limca Book of Records 2018 edition for the same.

World Record Attempt for Golden Book of World Record
@Fastest Recall of Countries and Capitals 'In One Minute'


India Book of Records


Limca Book of Records


World Record


Golden Book of Record

About Human Memory

Human Brain is the most sophisticated instrument in this whole Universe. 98% of people do not learn to make its full use and lead ordinary lives inspite of very high potential inside them. It has two Quintilian bits (2 followed by 18 zeroes) of Memory Retentivity. Inspite of this, we are unable to remember things of our day to day life. With so much of Brain Capacity, an average Human can Memorize a Complete set of Encyclopedia, Master three dozen Languages and do complete Graduation from nearly Twelve different Universities. With Little bit of training and practice, any human being between the age Group of 10 to 90 years and who is mentally alert, can achieve very good memory. Seems unbelievable, but absolutely true.

We have outsourced our memories to gadgets and nothing Creative has ever come out of any Externalized memory. Our education system needs a lot of Memorization. Without a Good memory, it is very difficult to Survive in this era of cut throat competition. Most of the persons, on the top position of any organization, have at least one thing common, the Good Memory. It is either by default or training. One who has a better Memory will always be a better Professional as compared to his counterparts and will command better Respect and Lifestyle.

With a practice of few days, you can memorize long theoretical topics of your respective subjects. Can memorize large Number of English words and enhance your vocabulary ( people memorized whole dictionary with this techniques). Can easily memorize any amount of General knowledge data. Can learn any foreign language. Can enhance percentage by 5 to 10 just by spending half or one third of the time, you are already spending. Can memorize algorithm for solving all sorts of Rubiks cubes. Can memorize the whole periodic table in one day, guaranteed. Can memorize names and faces of people quickly. Can memorize any number of telephone numbers with little bit of practice. Can memorize all countries or states data or any such data quickly. Can Memorize large number of birth dates or historical dates etc. Can Deliver lecture or speech or presentation by memorizing it easily. Anything you are interested in, can be memorized. You just have to believe, that it is possible.

Memorized Data

States and UTs

Has memorized 15 Point data of all Indian states and UTs.

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Periodic Table Elements

Has memorized exact atomic mass of all 118 periodic Table elements.

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Has memorized birthdays of more than 1200 famous Bollywood actors, cricketers, politicians.

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Week Calendar

Has memorized day of the week calendar for 1000+ years.

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Rubiks cubes

Can solve all Rubiks cubes from 2x2 to 5x5 quickly.

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In One Minute

@Fastest Recall of Countries and Capitals 'In One Minute'

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